Can You Smoke in Las Vegas Hotel Rooms

If you’re looking to stay in a smoking-friendly hotel room in Las Vegas, you need to check whether the hotel allows guests to smoke before you book. Some hotels label smoking rooms as “preferences,” and some add them based on availability. Check the page of the room to make sure that smoking is allowed. If you’re looking for a good deal, use the Las Vegas Lens guide to find the best deals on hotels in Las Vegas.

Tropicana Hotel

While smoking in hotel rooms is not allowed in most establishments in Las Vegas, there are several hotels in the city that do allow smoking. Some of the most famous hotels in Las Vegas allow smoking in rooms, including the prestigious Caesar’s Palace, which has been the setting for many popular films and TV shows. While smoking in a hotel room is not permitted in most public places, it is safe, as the smoke does not affect the air quality of the room.

Golden Nugget

The Golden Nugget in Las Vegas has several different kinds of room options, from swanky and contemporary to dated and smoke-filled. However, the most interesting feature of this hotel is its three-story waterslide, which shoots down a transparent tube. The courtyard-like lobby is overrun with hundreds of cushioned lounge chairs. The only cons to the Golden Nugget are the dated decor and the smell of cigarette smoke.

Rio All-Suite Hotel

You can certainly smoke in a hotel room in Las Vegas, but not in most hotels. Some of them do allow smoking, but only on their balconies. You can request a non-smoking room, but that might not always be possible. Depending on the hotel, you can also request a non-smoking room. Make sure to ask the front desk if you can smoke in the room.

Stratosphere Hotel

Are you planning to visit Las Vegas, but are worried about smoking in your room? Don’t worry, there are plenty of hotels that offer smoking rooms. Most of them are close to the Las Vegas Strip, which boasts some of the city’s best attractions. In addition, you can opt to smoke outside on the balcony of your hotel room. If you are a first-time visitor, smoking outside on your balcony will be a great experience.

Harrah’s Las Vegas

There are no smoking rooms in the Harrah’s Las Vegas hotel, but there are designated areas for smoking. Smokers are permitted to smoke in these rooms, and guests can enjoy their cigarette breaks in one of the designated smoking areas. The Harrah’s Las Vegas Hotel has many amenities for guests, including cable TV and Internet service. Rooms at the hotel include amenities such as blackout curtains, air conditioning, and linen service. There are also several room layout options available, such as a separate living room.

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